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Lorenz Kerscher,
Penzberg, Germany

The feet need active training to do their important job:

Walking, running, jumping, dancing ....

To enjoy mobility, all you need is healthy feet! The lifelong and painless function of the whole body depends on their flexibility and muscle tension. This can be improved by going barefoot. Just choose to do it!

The sense of touch

The soles of the feet are remarkably sensitive. Thus they provide the body with perfect coordination and motion, and allow you to experience the environment. Even short foot-sensation trails and simple foot-gymnastic games may help you rediscover your sensory abilities.


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How to find areas for barefoot living:

Theme parks for healthy "free feet"

During the last decade, Central Europe has experienced a veritable boom of newly created barefoot parks.

The whole world is a barefoot park!

Going barefoot in nature allows you to experience a diversity of ground surfaces and textures that is superior to what the most elaborate barefoot park can offer. Convince yourself in the photo gallery section! Sometimes even city pavement is clean enough to enjoy.

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