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Lorenz Kerscher,
Penzberg, Germany

Barefoot Prosperity

Have a look at printed matter you receive from fundraisers:

You will see lot of poor people from around the world. They are poorly accommodated, wear poor clothing and trot along with simple, unfashionable footwear. Rarely do they go barefoot, this is not suited for their dull life amidst all that ugly waste and litter. 

Better look at printed matter from luxurious hotels!

You see beautiful people unshod at the pool, strolling barefoot along gorgeous Maldive or Caribbean beaches, enjoying spa and the comfort of a clean environment that caresses their feet. 

Obviously things have changed:

Barefoot life is no more a sign of poverty, and shod life is no more an indication of wealth. Nowadays tourist resorts and hotels are offering their guests barefoot parks or reflexology paths as a special luxury, whereas shops and establishments in poor districts are banning unshod persons.

On the other hand, prosperous cities provide clean recreation areas, playgrounds, walkable fountains and spa gardens. To advertise your affluence, free your feet and relax in this environment!

cairns.jpg (100591 Byte)

cairns_wasserspiel.jpg (95083 Byte) cairns_trimm.JPG (79221 Byte)

Pictures from prosperous Cairns / Queensland

joss_stone.jpg (18333 Byte)

Barefoot singer Joss Stone is believed to be a prosperous young lady!

Picture is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license at this source.